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Orthodontic Treatment Clearly Explained 

Orthodontics is both an art and a science.  Each orthodontist has his or her own way of looking at a problem.  That is why two different orthodontists looking at the same patient can come up with two radically different treatment approaches.  Which one is better for you or your child?  Should treatment be started now or is it better to wait?  Is it necessary to remove teeth?  What type of braces would be best?

Confused enough?  There's more!  Different orthodontists have different skill levels in diagnosing a problem, and each has his or her unique way to go about treatment.  People

Orthodontic Second Opinion

think that orthodontic treatment would be the same wherever you go.  That is not the case.  You have options!  You need to get a second opinion! 

However, if you obtain a second opinion, how can you be sure that it wasn't designed to steer you to the second office?

That's why I started orthodontic2ndOpinion.com.  It is a convenient way to get an objective orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plan to confirm, or possibly improve upon, the ideas presented to you by your local orthodontist.

My panel of experts and I will examine your orthodontic records (x-rays and photographs) and provide you with a clearly written diagnosis and treatment plan that you can share with your orthodontist, or use to select an orthodontist if you already have conflicting opinions.

You don't have to travel to an office or take time off from work or school.  It could save you time and money if a less involved treatment can be implemented.

Please go to the following pages to learn how you can avail yourself to this valuable service.


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